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Canon ZR300 Digital Camcorder User Manual

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(a few pages from the manual)

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User Manual
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Table of Contents
Table of contents
Using this Manual 5
Checking Supplied Accessories 8
Components Guide9
Basic Functions
Preparing the Power Supply12
Loading/Unloading a Cassette 15
Installing the Backup Battery 16
Preparing the Camcorder 17
Adjusting the LCD Screen 18
Setting the Time Zone, Date and Time19
Recording Movies on a Tape22
Tips for Making Better Videos28
Playing Back a Tape29
Adjusting the Volume31
Playing Back on a TV Screen32
Advanced Functions
Menus and Settings34
Using the Recording Programs 38
Using the Night Mode 41
Skin Detail Function42
Adjusting the AE Shift43
Adjusting the Focus Manually44
Setting the White Balance 46
Setting the Shutter Speed48
Using the Self-Timer50
Changing the Recording Mode (SP/LP) 51
Audio Recording 52
Using Digital Effects53
Widescreen TV Recording (16:9) 57
Magnifying the Image 58
Displaying the Data Code59
End Search61
Playing Back a Tape with Added Sound62
Other Functions
Customizing the Camcorder 63
Changing the Display Language 64
Other Camcorder Settings65
Recording to a VCR or Digital Video Device 67
Recording from Analog Video Devices (VCR, TV or Camcorder) 69
Recording from Digital Video Devices (DV Dubbing) 70
Converting Analog Signals into Digital Signals (Analog-Digital Converter) 72
Transferring Video Recordings to a Computer 74
Additional Information
Screen Displays75
List of Messages77
Maintenance/Others 78
System Diagram (Availability differs from area to area) 86
Optional Accessories87
Item Codes 92

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