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Canon VIXIA HV40 Camcorder User Manual

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File Type
Camcorder User Manual
115 Pages
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Table of Contents
2 Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Items marked with a are lists or charts that summarize camera functions
or procedures
Please Read 7
Components Guide 40
Using the Control Dial 43
Using the Button 44
Indicators 45
Basic Operations 47
Menus and Settings 47
Information Displayed on the LCD Monitor and Menus 49
The LCD Monitor Display 63
Customizing Display Information 66
Commonly Used Shooting Functions 68
Using the Optical Zoom 68
Using the Digital Zoom/ Digital Tele-Converter 69
Using the Flash 73
Learning More 39
Preparations 10
Shooting Still Images ( Mode) 17
Viewing Still Images 19
Erasing 20
Printing 21
Shooting Movies ( Standard Mode) 24
Viewing Movies 26
Downloading Images to a Computer 27
System Map 34
Getting Started 9
Table of Contents 3
Shooting Close-ups (Macro) 74
Using the Self-Timer 75
Changing the Recording Pixels (Still Images) 80
Changing the Compression (Still Images) 81
Changing the Image Type 82
Setting the Image Stabilizer Function 85
Adjusting the ISO Speed 87
Reducing Camera Shake When Shooting (Auto ISO Shift) 88
Shooting Using the Mode Dial 90
Mode Dial 90
Shooting Modes for Specific Scenes 91
Program AE 95
Setting the Shutter Speed 96
Setting the Aperture 98
Manually Setting the Shutter Speed and Aperture 100
Shooting Panoramic Images (Stitch Assist) 102
Movie Shooting 104
Setting the Recording Functions 108
Saving Custom Settings 109
Various Shooting Methods 111
Continuous Shooting 111
Setting the Flash 113
Checking the Focus and People’s Expressions 116
Switching between Focus Settings 120
Selecting an AF Frame Mode 121
Selecting a Subject to Focus On (Face Select and Track) 125
Shooting with Servo AF 127
Shooting Hard-to-Focus Subjects
(Focus Lock, AF Lock, Manual Focus, Safety MF) 128
Focus Bracketing (Focus-BKT Mode) 133
Locking the Exposure Setting (AE Lock) 134
Locking the Flash Exposure Setting (FE Lock) 136
Adjusting the Exposure Compensation 137
Shooting while Brightening Dark Areas (i-Contrast) 138
Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB Mode) 139
4 Table of Contents
Using the ND Filter 140
Switching between Metering Modes 141
Adjusting the Tone (White Balance) 143
Shooting in a My Colors Mode 146
Changing the Colors and Shooting 148
Categorizing Images Automatically (Auto Category) 154
Registering Functions to the Button 155
Setting My Menu 157
Playback/Erasing 159
Viewing Magnified Images 159
Viewing Images in Sets of Nine (Index Playback) 160
Checking the Focus and People’s Expressions
(Focus Check Display) 161
Jumping to Images 163
Organizing Images by Category (My Category) 165
Trimming a Portion of an Image 168
Viewing Movies 171
Editing Movies 173
Rotating Images in the Display 175
Playback with Transition Effects 176
Automated Playback (Slide Shows) 177
Red-Eye Correction Function 182
Brightening Dark Areas (i-Contrast) 187
Adding Effects with the My Colors Function 189
Resizing Images 192
Attaching Sound Memos to Images 194
Sound-Only Recording (Sound Recorder) 195
Protecting Images 197
Erasing Images 202
Print Settings/Transfer Settings 207
Setting the DPOF Print Settings 207
Setting the DPOF Transfer Settings 214
Configuring the Camera 216
Power Saving Function 216
Table of Contents 5
Setting the World Clock 217
Low Level Formatting Memory Cards 220
Resetting the File Number 221
Creating an Image Destination (Folder) 223
Setting the Auto Rotate Function 225
Resetting Settings to Their Default Values 227
Connecting to a TV 228
Shooting/Playback Using a TV 228
Customizing the Camera (My Camera Settings) 230
Changing My Camera Settings 230
Registering My Camera Settings 231
Troubleshooting 233
List of Messages 244
Appendix 248
Safety Precautions 248
Preventing Malfunctions 254
Using the AC Adapter (Sold Separately) 258
Using the Lenses (Sold Separately) 260
Using an Externally Mounted Flash (Sold Separately) 265
Using a Supplementary Flash (Sold Separately) 273
Using the Remote Switch (Sold Separately) 275
Camera Care and Maintenance 276
Specifications 277
Index 287
Functions Available in Each Shooting Mode 300

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