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Canon Camera Manuals - Canon Elan 7ne Camera User Manual

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Handling Cautions 6
Quick Start Guide 8
Nomenclature 10
Conventions Used in this Instructions 16
1 Before You Start17
Installing the Batteries 18
Checking the Battery Level 19
Mounting and Detaching a Lens20
Mounting a Lens20
Detaching the Lens 20
How the Shutter Button Works21
5Loading and Unloading Film22
Loading Film22
Checking the Film Speed 23
Unloading Film 24
6Midroll Rewind 24
Dioptric Adjustment 25
Holding the Camera26
2 Fully Automatic Shooting27
YFull Auto Mode 28
AF-Assist beam with the Built-in Flash29
Programmed Image Control Modes30
U Portrait 30
O Close-up 30
PSports 31
A Night Portrait31
FUsing Red-eye Reduction 32
qUsing the Self-timer 33
Using the Eyepiece Cover 34
Imprinting the Date or Time 35
Setting the Date and Time36
Replacing the Date Battery 36
3 AF Modes and Metering Modes 37
Selecting the AF Mode 38
One-Shot AF for Still Subjects39
AI Servo AF for Moving Subjects 39
AI Focus AF for Automatic AF
Mode Switching40
3Selecting an AF Point 41
Basic Procedure for AF Point
Automatic Selection42
Manual Selection42
eEye Control Calibration43
Calibration Procedure43
Eye Control Calibration and
Operation Tips 46
Intelligent Eye Control 46
Deleting Eye Control Calibration
Settings 47
gUsing Eye Control 48
Eye Control Servo AF49
Turning Off Eye Control 49

Focusing Off-Center Subjects50
When Autofocus Fails
(Manual Focusing) 51
8Manual Focusing51
ZMetering Modes52
4 User-Controlled Shooting53
S Program AE54
RShutter-Priority AE56
EAperture-Priority AE 58
Depth-of-field Preview 59
WManual Exposure 60
QDepth-of-field AE 62
Depth-of-field AE with a
Manually-Selected AF Point 62
Depth-of-field AE with Eye Control 64
Exposure Compensation 67
LAuto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) 68
Canceling AEB 69
jAE Lock70
Bulb Exposures71
4Multiple Exposures 72
HSelecting the Film Advance Mode 73
DSetting the ISO Film Speed73
9Silencing the Beeper74
bLCD Panel Illumination74
Mirror Lockup75
KWireless Remote Control76
Using the Remote Switch 76
5 Flash Photography77
Using the Built-in Flash78
In a Basic Zone Mode 78
In a Creative Zone Mode78
aFlash Exposure Compensation 80
Using an EOS-dedicated Speedlite81
Using an EX-series Speedlite 81
Using an EZ/E/EG/ML/TL-series
Speedlite 81
6 Custom Functions (CFn) 83
GSetting a Custom Function84
Custom Function Settings85
Basic Photography Terms 89
Feature Availability Table 91
AE Lock Effects 92
AF Mode and Film Advance
Mode Combination92
Program Line 93
Troubleshooting Guide94
Major Specifications95
Index 98

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