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Canon XF305 Digital Camera User Manual

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File Type
User Manual
208 Pages
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Table of Contents
1. Introduction 11
About this Manual 11
Conventions Used in this Manual 11
Supplied Accessories 13
Names of Parts 14
2. Preparations 23
Preparing the Power Supply 23
Using a Battery Pack 23
Turning the Camcorder On and Off 27
Date, Time and Language Settings 28
Setting the Date and Time 28
Changing the Time Zone 28
Displaying the Date and Time while Recording 29
Changing the Language 29
Using the Menus 30
Selecting an Option from the Menu 30
Preparing the Camcorder 32
Attaching the Lens Hood 32
Attaching and Detaching the Eye Cup 32
Dioptric Adjustment 33
Using the LCD Panel 34
Using the Viewfinder and LCD Screen
Simultaneously 34
Adjusting the Viewfinder/LCD Screen 35
Setting the Screen to Black & White 35
Adjusting the Grip Belt 36
Attaching a Shoulder Strap 36
Removing and Attaching the Terminal Covers 37
Using the Wireless Controller 37
Using a Tripod 38
Preparing Recording Media 39
Inserting a CF Card 39
Checking the Status of the CF Card Slots 40
Removing a CF card 40
Inserting and Removing an SD Card 41
Initializing the Recording Media 41
Switching Between the CF Card Slots 42
Checking the Available Recording Time 43
Recovering Data on the CF Card 43
3. Recording 45
Recording Video 45
Preparing to Record 45
Recording 46
Onscreen Displays 48
Side Panel Displays 50
Power Save Mode 52
Video Configuration: Bit Rate, Resolution and
Frame Rate 53
Adjusting the Focus 54
Full Manual Focus Mode 54
Manual Focus Mode 55
Using the Focus Assistance Functions 56
Autofocus Mode 58
Push AF 59
Detecting and Focusing On Faces 60
Focus Limit and Macro Shooting 61
Image Stabilizer 62
Gain 63
Automatic Gain Control (AGC) 63
Manual Gain Control 64
Shutter Speed 66
Changing the Shutter Speed Mode 67
Flicker Reduction 68
Adjusting the Aperture 69
Automatic Aperture Control 69
Manual Aperture Control 69
Temporary Manual Aperture Control Override
Adjusting the AE Level 71
Setting the Light Metering Mode 71
Using the ND Filter 72
White Balance 73
Auto White Balance 73
Preset White Balance 74
Setting the Color Temperature 75
Custom White Balance 75
Zooming 77
Selecting the Zoom Controls 77
Using the Zoom Ring 77
Using the Zoom Rockers, Wireless Controller or
Optional Remote Control 78
Table of Contents
Onscreen Markers and Zebra Patterns 81
Displaying Onscreen Markers 81
Displaying Zebra Patterns 82
Setting the Time Code 84
Selecting the Running Mode 84
Selecting Drop or Non-Drop Frame 85
Putting the Time Code Display on Hold 85
Setting the User Bit 87
b Synchronizing with an External Device 88
Connecting an External Device 88
Using a Reference Video Signal
(Genlock Synchronization) 89
Using a Time Code Signal 89
Time Code Signal Output 90
Recording Audio 91
Using the Built-in Microphone 91
Using an External Microphone or Line Input 92
Adjusting the Audio Level 94
Monitoring the Audio with Headphones 96
Using Metadata 97
Setting a User Memo 97
Colors Bars/Audio Reference Signal 98
Recording Color Bars 98
Recording an Audio Reference Signal 98
Video Scopes 99
Displaying a Video Scope 99
Configuring the Waveform Monitor 99
Configuring the Vectorscope 100
Configuring the Edge Monitor 100
Adding Shot Marks while Recording 102
Reviewing a Recording 103
Special Recording Modes 104
Interval Recording Mode 104
Frame Recording Mode 106
Slow & Fast Motion Mode 107
Pre-recording Mode 108
4. Customization 111
Assignable Buttons 111
Changing the Assigned Function 111
Using an Assignable Button 112
Custom Picture Settings 113
Selecting Custom Picture Files 113
Editing a Custom Picture File’s Settings 114
Renaming Custom Picture Files 114
Protecting Custom Picture Files 115
Transferring Custom Picture Files 115
Embedding Custom Picture Settings in a
Recording 116
Available Custom Picture Settings 117
Customizing Functions and Onscreen
Displays 124
Customizing Functions 124
Customizing Onscreen Displays 125
Saving and Loading Camera Settings 126
Saving Camera Settings to an SD Card 126
Loading Camera Settings from an SD Card 126
5. Playback 127
Playback 127
Clip Index Screen 127
Playing Back Clips 129
Onscreen Displays 129
Playback Controls 131
Adjusting the Volume 132
Adding Shot Marks during Playback 132
Clip Operations 133
Using the Clip Menu 134
Displaying Clip Information 134
Adding e Marks or Z Marks 135
Deleting e Marks or Z Marks 136
Copying Clips 136
Deleting Clips 138
Deleting the User Memo 138
Copying a Custom Picture File Embedded in a
Clip 139
Displaying an Index Screen of Shot Marks 139
Displaying a Frame Index Screen of a Single
Clip 140
Adding or Deleting Shot Marks from an Index
Screen 141
Changing a Clip’s Thumbnail 1429
6. External Connections 143
Video Output Configuration 143
Video Output Configuration by Terminal 143
SD Output 144
Connecting to an External Monitor 145
Connection Diagram 145
b Using the HD/SD SDI Terminal 146
Using the HDMI OUT Terminal 146
Terminal 146
Using the AV or VIDEO 2 Terminal 147
Superimposing Onscreen Displays to Appear on an
External Monitor 147
Audio Output 148
b Embedded Audio 148
Synchronizing the Video with the Audio being
Monitored 148
Selecting the Audio Channel 149
Selecting the Output Level of the AV Terminal 149
Saving Clips to a Computer 150
System Requirements 150
Installing and Uninstalling Canon XF Utility
(Windows) 151
Installing and Uninstalling Canon XF Utility
(Mac OS) 154
Viewing the Software Instruction Manuals 156
7. Photos 159
Taking Photos 159
Taking Photos in CAMERA Mode 159
Capturing Photos in MEDIA Mode 159
Photo Playback 161
Displaying the [Photos] Index Screen 161
Viewing Photos 161
Photo Operations 162
Using the Photo Menu 162
Deleting Photos 162
Protecting Photos 163
Copying Custom Picture Files 164
Photo Numbering 165
8. Additional Information 167
Menu Options 167
Displaying the Status Screens 176
Troubleshooting 182
List of Messages 185
Handling Precautions 189
Maintenance/Others 192
Optional Accessories 194
Specifications 199
Index 203

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