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Canon HFS20 Camera User Manual

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File Type
User Manual
220 Pages
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manual screen shot

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12 򀂊 Table of contents
򀂄 Introduction
8 Exciting Features and New Functions
16 About this Manual
18 Getting to Know the Camcorder
18 Supplied Accessories and CD-ROMs
19 Names of Parts
򀂄 Preparations
22 Getting Started
22 Charging the Battery Pack
24 Preparing the Accessories
26 Adjusting the LCD Screen and (bonly) Using the
29 Basic Operation of the Camcorder
29 Using the Touch Screen
30 Operating Modes
32 Using the Menus
34 First Time Settings
34 Setting the Date and Time
35 Changing the Language
35 Changing the Time Zone
36 Using a Memory Card
36 Memory Cards Compatible for Use with the Camcorder
37 Inserting and Removing a Memory Card
38 Selecting the Memory for the Recordings
39 Relay Recording of Movies
40 Initializing the Built-in Memory (c only) or
Memory Card
Table of contents
Table of contents 򀂊 13
򀂄 Dual Shot Mode
42 Basic Recording
42 Shooting Video and Taking Photos in Dual Shot Mode
43 About the Smart AUTO mode
46 Zooming
47 Quick Start Function
򀂄 Video
49 Basic Playback
49 Playing Back the Video
53 The Index Selection Screen: Selecting the Content to Play
55 3D Flip View
56 Narrowing Down the Scenes Shown in the Index Screen
57 Deleting Scenes
59 Advanced Functions
59 Shooting Video in y Manual Mode
60 Selecting the Video Quality (Recording Mode)
61 Special Scene Recording Programs
63 Cinema Mode: Giving a Cinematic Look to your
64 Advanced Image Stabilization
66 Pre-Recording
67 Face Detection
68 Touch & Track
69 Video Snapshot
70 Digital Effects
71 Manually Setting the Shutter Speed or Aperture
74 Manual Exposure Adjustment
76 Automatic Gain Control (AGC) Limit
76 Manual Focus Adjustment
79 White Balance
80 Digital Tele-Converter
81 Image Effects
82 Mini Video Light
83 Self Timer
83 Audio Recording Level
14 򀂊 Table of contents
85 Using Headphones
86 Using the Mini Advanced Shoe
87 Using an External Microphone
89 Using the Custom Key and Dial
90 Using a Zoom Remote Controller
91 Selecting the Playback Starting Point
93 Playing Back Scenes Set to Background Music
97 Onscreen Displays and Data Code
98 Playlist and Scene Operations
98 Editing the Playlist: Adding, Deleting, Moving and Playing
100 Capturing Photos and Video Snapshot Scenes from a
102 Dividing Scenes
򀂄 Photos
104 Basic Playback
104 Viewing Photos
106 Deleting Photos
108 Additional Functions
108 Taking Photos in y Manual Mode
109 Selecting Photo Size and Quality
111 Flash
113 Drive Mode: Continuous Shooting and Exposure
114 Taking Photos while Recording Movies (Simultaneous
115 Light Metering Mode
116 Slideshow
117 Magnifying Photos during Playback
117 Rotating Photos
118 Histogram Display
118 Protecting Photos
121 Printing Photos
121 Printing Photos (Direct Print)
123 Print Orders
Table of contents 򀂊 15
򀂄 External Connections
125 Terminals on the Camcorder
126 Connection Diagrams
128 Playback on a TV Screen
130 Saving and Sharing Your Recordings
130 Copying Recordings to a Memory Card
133 Saving Recordings on a Computer
135 Saving Movies onto High-Definition Discs
(AVCHD/Blu-ray Discs)
140 Saving Movies onto Standard-Definition Discs (DVD)
144 Saving Photos on Photo DVDs
145 Copying Recordings to an External Video Recorder
146 Uploading Movies to Video Sharing Web Sites
򀂄 Additional Information
152 Appendix: Menu Options Lists
152 FUNC. Panel
156 Setup Menus
170 Appendix: Onscreen Icons and Displays
175 Trouble?
175 Troubleshooting
183 List of Messages
194 Do’s and Don’ts
194 Handling Precautions
199 Maintenance/Others
200 Using the Camcorder Abroad
201 General Information
201 Accessories
202 Optional Accessories
208 Product Codes
209 Specifications
213 Index

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